Did your household appliance suddenly "withdraw from its agreement"? Does your appliance need life-extending maintenance? Or does your branded appliance require a profesional warranty service? Learn about our services and let us know how we can help fast. 


Quick service

When an appliance is broken, and the warranty is no longer valid, it is worth taking it to our service center for an inspection. We always provide an estimate for the repair of an appliance up front. After the inspection, you can decide if you want the appliance to be serviced. We charge an inspection fee for the inspection. If you decide to have the appliance serviced, however, no inspection fee is charged.

When a household appliance is worn in use, but still works, we recommend a maintenance service. The appliance is checked, cleaned and greased. Give your favourite appliance more time to serve you - thanks to the maintenance by Aide professionals. At the same time, you save money and the environment. We do not charge an inspection fee for a maintenance service.

Warranty Service

We are an authorised service center for many well-known household appliance brands. Our service personnel consist of experienced professionals who service your appliance into prime condition at a high quality and within the agreed schedule. Our warranty service covers the following household appliance brands: Ariete, Bamix, Boneco, Braun, DeLonghi, Dolce Gusto, Dyson, Evermat, Kenwood, Mowox, Nivona, Oral-B and Stadler Form.

This is how your Aide service works

Select Warranty service or Quick service, which means a service outside the warranty. Learn about your individual service path.


Select the service or repair you require

Maintenance service: We do not charge an inspection fee for maintenance service. 

Repair service:  You will always first receive an estimate for the repair of the appliance. After the inspection, you can decide if you want the appliance to be serviced. 

For the inspection, we charge an inspection fee of €14,90 (espresso machines €39). If you decide to have the appliance serviced, however, no inspection fee is charged.

If you decide not to do the service, you will get your appliance back or you can leave it with us. Aide recycles for free.

Warranty service: Have your under-warranty appliance serviced back into prime condition.


Select your delivery method

The options are: bringing/collecting the appliance yourself (0 €) or sending it by mail (postage costs). If the appliance is under warranty, you will receive a prepaid Posti item ID from us, together with the confirmation message. 


Fill in and send the service form

Next, you will receive a confirmation message for the service and instructions for delivery. If you select the postal service, you will also receive clear packaging instructions in the confirmation message. You will receive a separate message containing login credentials for the website for tracking the service.


During the service process, you will receive a message when:

  • The appliance has arrived at Aide and a cost estimate
  • The appliance has started to be worked on 


You will receive a message when the service is complete

and information about the delivery method. If you selected postal services as the delivery method, you will receive an item ID.

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